1. Ben Surinx's Gallery

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Photography is my second passion, I love to do.

I will not bother you with the whole history about how i go in to photography, but let's say I kind of going left and then right and getting stuck in the middle a form of unguided creativity, a rocket without a tail ...

Pictures tell a story, they evoke an emotion and put your mind in a thinking mode. My passion is to tell that story, evoking emotion and let others look into the world as I experience through my camera. Some photos move you, others make you smile and some do not touch you at all.

Whether you like a picture or not, every photograph gives you a glimpse into the world around you or the world of someone else. You get to places you've never been and probably never will go. You meet people you do not know and probably never get to know. You are eyewitness to events where you were not present and you see details that you have not seen previously.

At the moment i prefer B&W photography.
A black and white image can even be more captivating than its colour equivalent. B&W photography is more than the desaturation of an image. For me it is the purest form of photography. Black and white reduces a photo to its bare essential visual elements with emphasis on texture, shape and form of subject and its tonal inter-relationships. Sometimes, colour can be very distracting and draws attention away from focus of the subject.

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